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Digital Billboard Advertising

Out-of-home impact

Billboard advertising has evolved from the standard old static printed posters to digital or LED screens with interchangeable ads every couple of seconds. They’re still doing what they’ve always done but with the added bonus of programmatic distribution. Positioned in key locations right across the UK, Digital Billboard advertising gives advertisers the flexibility to target specific locations, run ads in specified time slots, rotate or even change the creative or message and even interact and/or comment on real-world events as they happen. 

Digital Billboards are designed to speak to motorists, passengers and pedestrians. They are very hard to miss, with some boards running up to 12m in length and offering greater targeting and more creative freedom.  Here at Priority Outdoor, our consultants can help you select site positions and check availability for you.


Digital billboards are more likely to encourage people to look up from their phones, more so than a static stock image and text. This is how the digital industry has creatively tackled this ongoing issue with standard billboards. Therefore, its attention-grabbing USP is worth capitalising on, especially in high-traffic areas.


Digital billboard advertising guarantees a shorter lead time. Advertisers use billboards to increase brand image and engagement levels at peak times. Digital billboards waste no time. Once an ad is finished, it can be published in a matter of hours, meaning you can react to real-world events to engage your audience. 


Digital billboard advertising can really highlight large-scale campaigns as it allows advertisers to spread multiple messages. You can also choose between the best slots and certain demographics in order to achieve optimal results. This further enhances any campaign’s flexibility and specific targeting of consumers.

why billboard advertising


98% of people see an OOH ad each week


The average consumer spends 70% of their time Out of Home.


71% of consumers look at  roadside billboards


Nearly 26% of customers have visited a website in response to an OOH advert


Billboard marketing costs 80% less than television advertising

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    Digital 96 Sheet

    Digital 96 Sheet billboards are as big as it gets for the standard digital billboard formats. The extra width allows for creative professionals to create stunning panoramic content which will inspire.

    Digital 48 sheet

    Digital 48 sheets are the common or garden billboard, 6m wide by 3m tall. Great coverage and prime locations available. Billboards are often used as part of a wider campaign, frequently partnered with bus advertising.

    Digital 48 sheet

    Digital 48 sheets are the common or garden billboard, 6m wide by 3m tall. Great coverage and prime locations available. Billboards are often used as part of a wider campaign, frequently partnered with bus advertising.

    Digital 6 sheet

    Digital 6 sheets are portrait boards. They are focused on key town and city arterial routes, shopping malls, supermarkets and even petrol stations and are designed to attract the attention of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The portrait format opens up new creative possibilities for OOH campaigns.

    Street Hubs

    Whilst providing the public with charging points, wifi and emergency services and with over 500 units across the UK these unique digital billboards are located in high pedestrian traffic locations with great sidewalk and road visibility due to their size.

    Iconic Sites

    Few advertising formats offer the prestige, impact and exposure that can be achieved utilising some of the iconic billboard advertising sites. From the iconic Piccadilly lights in London to Manchester's largest billboard in Europe, these iconic sites can elevate the public awareness of any brand, product or message.

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    retail billboard advertising


    Digital Billboards work tremendously well for retail sector advertising given their commanding locations in key towns and cities. With the ability to target important traffic routes and key urban roads, billboards should be considered if you are advertising in the retail sector. 

    travel & tourism billboard advertising


    Programmatic Billboards are very often used as part of a tourism campaign. Town visiting authorities, tourism boards and attraction sites all utilise the power of billboards. Targeted to heavily populated/visited locations to give you the maximum exposure for your marketing budget.

    digital billboard advertising campaigns for charity sector


    Digital Billboards and charities have a long history and when it comes to making an important statement, size really does matter. Charities often have immense pressure on budgets, and in recognition of this, we offer heavy discounts to charities on billboards and indeed all formats, subject to the provision of a registered charity number.

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