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High visibility in urban areas

Tram advertising in the UK has gained significant popularity in recent years as an effective and innovative way to reach a wide audience. Trams are an effective way to reach out to people in urban areas. It offers high visibility and extended exposure time due to long city-wide routes. Advertisers can target specific demographics by selecting tram lines that pass through desired areas. Tram advertising has become an integral part of the UK’s advertising landscape, combining transportation and marketing to deliver impactful messages to a large and diverse audience.

High Visibility

Trams are a great way to advertise as they are easily noticeable and are seen by many people including pedestrians, drivers, and passengers.

Extended Exposure

Being in busy areas means that advertising campaigns will have a high chance of success due to the increased exposure.

why tram advertising


98% of people see an OOH ad each week


The average consumer spends 70% of their time Out of Home.


65% of all tram users are in professional or managerial roles


On average, passengers spend 6-10 minutes waiting for the tram, and an additional 35 minutes on board. 


37% of all regular tram journeys are made by people aged 15-34

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    Tram Wraps

    Spread your creative across the whole tram to get your message and brand in front of commuters and pedestrians across any given network. With your advert constantly on the move, full wraps are eye-catching and an unavoidable way to promote your message, brand or product.

    Interior Panels

    Tram Interior Panels are a framed portrait panel which are brilliant at conveying advertising messages to Tram commuters. They maximise campaign message effectiveness as they hold the potential for very long dwell times. This format is ideal for call to action campaigns as travellers have the time to sit down and take note of the advert as they travel.

    Tram Stop 6 Sheets

    Our 6 Sheet advertising options are available in both poster and digital formats. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas 6 sheets are cost-effective, highly visible, and an effective way to increase brand exposure and connect with audiences while they are on the go.

    Tram Squares

    Tram Squares can give your campaign a significant impact. These 100-square-foot advertisements cover the entire center section of the tram, including the windows. They provide ample space for creativity and help create a memorable ad that keeps your brand in the forefront of people's minds.

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