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Ambient advertising 

Ambient Advertising offers advertisers a variety of ways, environments and media to reach any target audience. Ambience is all about creativity and surprising your audience with your ad placement.  Ambient advertising is intelligently placed, has a wow factor and makes a direct impact on the minds of consumers, making it an economical, highly targeted and effective way of communicating the message to your target consumers.

Here at priority, we look at your campaign objectives and will recommend formats, locations and timing availability.


Ambient marketing makes people see things differently. It’s always the intelligence of the advertisement that makes a compelling effect on the consumer for them to engage with the brand.


The budget does matter for any form of advertising but with ambient marketing what matters the most is execution in terms of unconventional place and creativity of ad format.

why Ambient advertising


49% of consumers noticed street-level OOH advertising in the past month


52% of consumers noticed street level ads that gave directions to a business


More than 60% of consumers are believed to respond to outdoor advertising.


As a result of spending more time on outdoor pursuits, consumers are noticing OOH ads 45% more than pre-pandemic levels


62% of viewers engaged in mobile device actions after seeing a street-level ad, such as searching for or visiting the advertiser’s website.

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    prioritise media


    Adwalkers are an eye-catching advertising solution that meets your audience at eye-level. Displayed on a double-sided illuminated board and with audio capabilities, they make a striking advertising platform.

    Washroom Panels

    Washroom Panel advertising has proven to generate website visits, and makes sure your brand, phone number or web address is in the minds of your audience.

    Washroom advertising has a 78% recall rate and is placed in an uncluttered environment where it cannot be missed.

    Takeaway Packaging

    From Chicken Fried chicken boxes to pizza boxes, takeaway packaging is great format for generating awareness.

    87% of people eat a takeaway with more than one person, and the average dwell time is 15 minutes. This format also hosts a 75% next day unaided recall rate

    Coffee Cups

    Branded coffee cups create a genuine talking point, with 50% of them ending up on a desk in the office, they have to opportunity to give your brand a greater reach as they often travel distances from the point of purchase.


    These affordable, quick turnaround posters are hugely popular for high frequency street level campaigns. Posters are positioned on billboards, individual frames and premium hoardings, allowing your message to be aligned with music, lifestyle and fashion campaigns in the streets.

    Pharmacy Bags

    This format reaches consumers at a time when health is on the mind, of themselves or family, and is a simple yet not only effective, but cost effective way to deliver your message in the right place at the right time.

    Sandwich Bags

    Sandwiches are the nation's favourite lunch choice - we spend 7.5bn on sandwiches every year! Delivered directly into the hands of consumers, sandwich bag advertising offers considerable dwell time, 18 mins in fact.

    Beer Mats

    Beer Mats can become attractive, eye-catching consumer touch points, depending on creative, which dominate the bar reaching audiences in a sociable setting, creating a talking point.