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Golf Course Advertising

Priority Outdoor are proud to offer our clients valuable access to one of the UK’s most targeted format. If you’re aiming to connect with a discerning and affluent audience, there’s no better place than the lush, serene environments where business leaders, decision-makers, and enthusiasts gather. Advertising on our D6 golf course network can elevate your brand’s visibility and prestige.

By leveraging the dynamic capabilities of digital display network, we can create memorable and impactful campaigns that resonate with golfers and amplify your brand. Discover how our tailored advertising solutions can help you achieve your marketing objectives and make a lasting impression on an elite audience. Contact us today to get started!

The format

Golf D6 Network
A network spanning across the UK, comprising of 150 venues
Reach an active, affluent audience through our premium network of golf clubs

Network statistics

  • Average membership fee: £1,200 per year
    Average dwell time per visit: 1.5 hours
    Audience Delivery
    Reaching on average 274, 565 adults every month
    Monthly impressions across our golf
    network: c.4,118,41

The audience


Targeted way to reach an affluent audience including key decision makers


There are no restrictions on content played on these screens, meaning the likes of Alcohol & Gambling brands can advertise to this audience.  


Golf D6 Network is ideal for campaigns looking to target males & females aged 40+.


60% earn over £60k per year


Typically AB male


17% own 2+ properties


Nearly 26% of customers have visited a website in response to an OOH advert

Decision Makers

60% earn over £60k per year

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    Golf Course Network

    We cover the whole of the UK and are constantly adding clubs to the Network. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much is it to Advertise in the Golf courses?

    This is always the most asked question and often the hardest to answer as it depends on so many variables such as time of year, location(s), duration and the formats used.

    What are the most Popular formats?

    The D6 is the best format we have to offer. It offers unrivalled reach and impact in the Golf course environment.

    What is the audience for the Golf Courses?

    Golf club users in the UK predominantly consist of affluent, middle-aged and older men, with approximately 63% being over 50 and about 85-90% being male. However, efforts to attract younger members and women are increasing. Golfers typically come from higher-income households and hold professional or managerial positions, often falling within the AB socioeconomic group. They generally have higher education qualifications and are interested in maintaining an active lifestyle, valuing golf for its health benefits and social networking opportunities. The sport attracts individuals with disposable income, making them a lucrative target audience for advertisers.

    Do you cover all Golf Courses?

    Yes, we do. We can help you plan campaigns for one, all and multiple locations. We can even mix in other formats around the courses to boost any campaign.

    To find out more please feel free to get in touch.