An unavoidable distraction to a captive audience

Where brands truly take off

Advertising in UK airports is a great way to reach millions of commuters, tourists and leisure travellers from all over the world.

The airport advertising environment in the UK is one in which your audience can be targeted & reached as millions passing through them each year. This huge audience and extended dwell time gives advertisers the time and creative freedom with their campaigns in a captive and engaging environment.

Whether it be low cost airline users or business class executives Priority Outdoor can help you plan an affective campaign that will reach the right audience.

High Impact

The airport is a positive, exciting place where your audience is receptive and engaging giving advertisers the opportunity to be part of the experience whether utilising experiential marketing, large eye catching grabbing digital billboards or even terminal saturation.

Captive Audience

Airports offer advertisers a captive setting where the audience is receptive for long periods of time giving brands a chance to tell a story that they would otherwise not have enough time for. 


You can advertise your brand in one specific airport location, or build a campaign to create multiple messaging opportunities in a number of sites throughout the airport from baggage claim to executive suites.

why airport advertising


60% of executives believe the airport is the best place to advertise B2B brands.


71% of luxury jetsetters expect to see brands advertised at the airport.


Passengers have an average of 90% ad awareness whilst at the airport.


80% of frequent flyers notice advertising with 42% taking action such as visiting a website or store.

Dwell Times

74% of frequent flyers arrive at the airport over an hour before boarding time.

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Digital Spectaculars

Large, elevated and impossible to miss Digital spectaculars offer advertisers great visibility in key footfall areas within most airports. These large LCD screens can be used to deliver impactful messages in areas of the airport which are densely populated throughout the day.

Baggage Claim

Airport baggage claim areas are one of the airports busiest areas and an area that experiences extended dwell times giving advertisers the opportunity to communicate with a target audience.


Large, eye-catching and situated in key areas such intersections, general access areas and escalators, Dioramas connect your airport advertising message with those who are moving through the airport.


The classic airport advertising formats both mini and traditional spectaculars are typically used in areas such as concourses, arrival areas, and anywhere else passengers will be spending time.

Business Lounges

Airport lounges are reserved for frequent flyers such as business executives and luxury travellers giving advertisers access to a lucrative audience in a calm and prestigious environment.

Airport Transport

Like its public counter part airport transport systems offers advertisers a variety of creative formats aimed at capitalising on the extended dwell time experienced by passengers.

Security Check Bins

Security trays are the one item every airplane passenger has to pass through and gives advertisers a great opportunity to catch their eye? By placing your brand product or message in the bottom of the security tray bins, you can achieve 100% visibility among departing passengers.

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Airports work tremendously well for the fashion and cosmetics sector given their commanding locations in areas of the airport. With the ability to target important routes and waiting areas airports offer fantastic exposure at a time the consumer is most receptive. 


Airports are the place for impulse buys for often overlooked expensive electronic equipment. From personal speakers to phone charging units consumers often find themselves make last minute purchases of electronic equipment.

digital billboard advertising campaigns for charity sector


Airports are very often used as part of a tourism campaign. Town visiting authorities, tourism boards and attraction sites all utilise the power of airport advertising. Targeted to heavily populated / visited areas to give you the maximum exposure for your marketing budget.