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As the number of people living in residential buildings increases and with over 35% of the UK work force situated in office buildings, advertising in these highly receptive environments gives advertisers a great opportunity to reach a variety of demographic and audience profiles. From high end, high rise residential buildings to the largest office buildings in central London these intimate environments allows brand to place themselves into their  audiences local area and daily routine. 

Here at priority, we will look at your campaign objectives and provide you with the best formats, locations and availability to get the most from your campaign.


Receive repeated exposure and increase message retention as consumers frequent either their residential or office building.


Display different messages at different times of the day depending on when your message is most relevant.


Hyper-targeted message delivery to your audience where they live, work and where they’re most likely to pay attention to your message.


Nearly 26% of people visited a store as a result of seeing an OOH ad


83% of people admit remembering OOH ads


Over 5K residential buildings in the UK


90 % People who see residential advertising will be locals & residents.


Office workers account for 59.8 percent of the total workforce in 2020

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Residential Digital Network

Residential digital screens are positioned in high dwell time areas such as lifts & foyers. They provide advertisers with unique and effective access to a highly receptive audiences across the whole of the UK making them ideal for Geo targeted campaign as well as larger branding exercises.

From students to AB professionals, residential digital screens span a plethora of audience types, allowing us to create a very targeted campaign to each individual brief.

Commercial Digital Network

Similar to residential digital screens, the commercial Digital screen network is situated in prominent shared spaces in commercial real estate; lobbies, elevator bays, and atriums, offering advertisers the ability to targeted and relevant advertising and or messaging allowing your brand to communicate with the UK’s most dynamic companies delivering real-time content and and flexible day-parts.

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