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Roadside advertising utilises a variety of media but often just refers to billboard formats, both digital and traditional which are located in high-traffic areas such as junctions, roundabouts high streets and major arterial routes throughout most towns and cities in the UK.

Whether it be a store opening, product launch or a public information campaign our expert creatives and media planners at Priority Outdoor can help you execute an effective campaign to reach the right audience.

High Impact

Because static roadside advertising will get your business seen by millions It offers impactful reactions that can generate an amazing return on investment for advertisers.

Captive Audience

People stuck in traffic, commuting to and from work or strolling along a retail high street tend to use the same routes daily. This means that you can be there to remind them of your product or service day-in-day-out and effectively influence their purchasing decisions.


Roadside formats can reach any audience whether it be commuters, pedestrians, passengers or cyclists. Whatever your product or service, you can successfully sell to the right customer through billboard advertisements.

why go roadside


Of people who travel to work by car, 74% have seen OOH in the past week


41% of adults aged 15-34 see large format advertising every week.


Over 9 million people have seen a large roadside advert in the past week


5.4 million ABC1 adults have seen a large roadside advert in the past week


Roadside advertising is always ‘on’, pushing your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    prioritise media

    Static Billboards

    Static billboards have been a long-standing element of advertising for many companies. Positioned along busy roads and intersections for maximum visibility. Billboards offer greater frequency than most formats as people travel the same route on a regular basis, which can greatly increase brand awareness and lead to increased sales and attention.

    Digital Billboards

    Roadside Digital Billboards are designed to speak to motorists, passengers and pedestrians. They are very hard to miss, with some boards running up to 12m in length and as traditional billboards change to digital, this format offers greater targeting and more programmatic and creative freedom.

    Bus Stops

    With their ability to reach both bus users and passers-by advertisers are offered the chance to play with their message and creative. Their size, brightness & eye-level positioning helps make them one of the most cost effective advertising formats available on the high street.

    Digital 6 Sheets

    Available in cities and towns across the UK, Digital 6 sheets are eye-catching, highly visible and attention grabbing, allowing you to give your brand prestige and high impact. Digital 6 sheet costs are lower than larger billboard sites and are therefore a popular choice with a wide range of companies including restaurants, gyms, local attractions, films, theatre shows and retail.

    Street Hubs

    Street Hubs are situated in handpicked locations, in the heart of cities, and in close proximity to retail, entertainment, and leisure outlets. This unique format has the capacity to enable huge numbers of consumers to take advantage of the free utilities that each Street Hub provides, including free phone calls and fast device charging. Advertising on Street Hub is the perfect way to display your brand on an unmissable format.

    Mega 6

    Designed to attract the attention of drivers and passengers, the portrait format of the Mega 6’s opens up new creative possibilities for OOH campaigns. Being digital, this format commands attention on the key arterial routes in major cities and towns.


    Few advertising formats offer the prestige, impact, and exposure that can be achieved utilising some of the iconic billboard advertising sites. From the iconic Piccadilly lights in London to the second largest Digital Billboard in Europe located in Manchester, these iconic sites can elevate the public awareness of any brand, product, or message.

    Telephone Boxes

    The UK network of public telephones has the ability to give your campaign a roadside presence. Situated along busy roads and high streets throughout the UK, digital phone boxes are a great way to reach your target consumers.

    Petrol Pumps

    Petrol Pump Nozzles are an unmissable and highly accountable way to target motorists every time they fill up at petrol stations. This format essentially allows you to shake hands with your customer - every fuel buyer will see your message.


    Advertising on a roundabout can raise your company’s profile and promote your business to drivers, their passengers, people using public transport, and pedestrians and cyclists passing by.

    Lamp Posts

    Lamp Post Advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways of targeting large audiences on busy high streets and roads. Banners offer high viewing frequency to your audience, and as lamp posts are located on almost every street and road, they offer a diverse range of locations.