You can’t understand a city without
using its public transportation system.

From busses and taxis to trains and trams, advertising on public transport and its supporting infrastructure is a great way to reach any target audience. Transit advertising provides advertisers with high visibility on a daily basis. Also, the nature of public transport means your audience may not necessarily be able to ignore your ads because it’s in their direct line of view. Ideal for SMEs it guarantees a varied audience by age and income.

Here at priority, we look at your campaign objectives and will recommend formats, locations and timing availability.

Niche targeting

Transit advertising is one of the best mediums of advertising when it comes to targeting the local consumer. Advertisers can select locations actively reaching out to people of a select demographic characteristic and background.

Big dwell times

Much of the publics time is spent OOH and on public transport. This is particularly the case in cities and urban areas where transport media can capitalize on captive audiences with long dwell times.
Transport advertising is not only viewed by transport users but also by large numbers of people as they go about their daily business.


Since the number of potential customers that transport advertising reaches is huge, the cost of advertising per consumer is very low. Thus, this form of advertising ends up being cost-effective and than many other forms of advertising.

why transport advertising


90% of people live within 5 minutes of a form of public transport


Transport advertising can reach commuters from different age and income group


Transit ads make it possible to reach younger people in an unconventional way.


It’s high frequency, meaning that consumers get significant exposure and traffic.


7.9 million passenger journeys on public transport vehicles in 2019/20

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