Bus Rear


At the back & in front

Bus Rear


At the Back & infront


Bus Rears advertising & bus back advertising is a cost effective way of reaching a variety of demographics and audience profiles. Bus rears and Bus backs comprise of 2 main creative formats; bus rear panels ideal for short burst campaigns aimed at motorists and commuters and mega rears which are big, bold and hard to miss making them ideal for eye catching creatives. Their eye-level positioning helps make them one of the most cost effective advertising formats available on the high street.

Available throughout the UK, connecting towns, villages and cities and boasting a variety of creative options, your bus back advertising campaign can become confusing but our expert planning tools and links with media owners will help plan an effective campaign that will help you reach your target audience and demographics. Here at priority outdoor, our consultants can help you select site positions and check availability for you.

why bus back advertising


61% of consumers have seen a bus ad in the last 7 days


Around 30 million people see a bus ad every week

Dwell Times

The average bus journey lasts over 30 minutes


29% of all adults use the bus for at least one hour a week


79% of consumers across Britain prefer buses with ads


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    Bus Rear & Back Panels

    Panels are a staple for any advertisers booking any form of bus advertising campaign, with most success coming from recruitment, education establishments, fast food outlets & healthcare sectors. It allows for a massive exposure, especially amongst motorists and inner city pedestrians offering extended dwell times whether it be in traffic or at a bus stop.

    Bus Mega Rears

    Mega bus rears are exactly that, big bold and hard to miss. they offer a creative freedom not available with panels and are a great way to get your brand or product some massive exposure with both motorists and pedestrians. Available on both single & double decker buses they gives advertisers the space to create high impact campaigns with extended dwell time.