There’s retail, and then there’s Westfield.

Westfield Advertising

Advertising at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City offers a prime opportunity to reach a diverse and affluent audience due to high foot traffic and a prestigious environment. Delivering audiences from across the capital and affluent South-East, be where the crowds are and reach 1 million+ consumers each week with large, full-motion DOOH advertising screens, iconic banner sites, and experiential zones.

With strategically placed ads, brands can enhance visibility, influence purchase decisions, and elevate their image while benefiting from targeted marketing options tailored to specific audience segments. By associating with the upscale atmosphere of Westfield, advertisers can effectively showcase their products or services to a broad spectrum of consumers, driving brand awareness and engagement for maximum return on investment.

why Westfield

High Impact

Across both locations, Westfield offers a variety of advertising formats ranging from Large format billboards and building banners to interior D6s, LEP’s as well as external roadside formats

Creative Scope

Westfield shopping centres offer the perfect canvas for impressive Special Builds. With locations set aside for interactive billbloards and spaces for experential advertising Westfield offers advertisers an exciting and receptive environment to to advertise in. 


Westfield London is renowned for its upscale retail mix, attracting an affluent demographic. This makes it an ideal venue for brands targeting higher-income consumers, especially those in the premium and luxury sectors.


56% of visitors make at least two trips a week to a Westfield shopping centre


The average consumer spends 70% of their time Out of Home.


Both Westfield locations have a combined footfall of 87m (+5.7% YOY)


Nearly 26% of customers have visited a website in response to an OOH advert


A vehicle sells every 2 hours at a London Westfield 

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    96 Sheet Billboard

    Situated in key areas in and around Westfield shopping centres these 96 Sheet boards are as big as it gets for the standard formats. 12m wide and 3m tall, they are very hard to miss. The extra width allows for creative professionals to create stunning panoramic content which will inspire.

    48 sheet Billboard

    Targeting a pedestrian audience in and around the shopping centres these 48 sheet is the common or garden billboard, 6m wide by 3m tall. They offer great coverage in prime locations along main arterial routes in and out of Westfield.

    Mega 6 sheet Billboard

    Aimed at capturing people arriving via major transport routes these Mega 6 screens are huge portrait boards that dominate. Mega 6’s are a format that is totally focused on key arterial routes. Designed to attract the attention these portrait formats open up new creative possibilities for OOH campaigns.

    Custom Build Billboards

    Predominantly located head-on to shoppers and commuters visiting a Westfield shopping centre. The custom build billboard allows for creative freedom and is often paired with experiential activity to enhance the publics engagement.


    Westfield offers advertisers and amazing environment in which to directly engage with the public. From new product launches to public information campaigns Westfield is a great place for the creation of immersive, pop-up experiences that invite users to “talk, live, breathe” the brand

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much is it to Advertise in Westfield Shopping Centres?

    This is always the most asked question and often the hardest to answer as it depends on many variables such as time of year, location(s), duration and the formats used. Given the number of choices and variants within the Westfield advertising estate, we would recommend that you contact us so that we can give you an accurate quote for your specific needs.

    What choice of formats are there at Westfield?

    There is a huge choice of formats within the Westfield estate ranging from eye-level digital screens to the more dominating, high-impact large format options. There are also many more eye-catching formats you can include in your campaign so please contact us for more information.


    What is the audience for Westfield Shopping centres?

    The audience profile of Westfield shopping centres, including Westfield London is impressive in its scale and reach. With Westfield London boasting over 30 million annual visitors and Westfield Stratford City welcoming around 50 million visitors per year, these centres attract a substantial audience base. The demographic composition is broad, encompassing diverse segments such as affluent individuals, families, tourists, and local residents. With Westfield’s strategic locations in key urban areas and its comprehensive retail offerings, including hundreds of leading brands and a wide array of dining and entertainment options, it caters to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences and interests. Whether visitors are drawn to high-end luxury boutiques or seeking value-conscious shopping experiences, Westfield shopping centres provide a dynamic and engaging environment for advertisers.

    Do you cover both Westfield Stratford City & Westfield London?

    Yes, we do. We can help you plan campaigns for either or both locations and as an independent agency, we can even mix in other formats in proximity to both retail centres to boost any campaign.

    To find out more please feel free to get in touch.