The Brief

Betadia is a global digital insurance platform. Since the pandemic in 2020 people started to invest in online business or virtual economy and it has boosted the lucrative online world. Betadia believed that investment, even with knowledge, is insufficient and have introduced an “Insurance Model” to the public to mitigate risk on their investments. Betadia contacted us to help promote their brand and service but specifically focusing on crypto traders new and old, SMEs in E-Commerce and tech start-ups in London. This campaign was designed to chronologically align with their annual tech conference in Malaysia allowing them to highlight their brand activity in London before the show and exhibit their in the UK market.

The Proposal

Priority Outdoor built an OOH campaign across key locations throughout London. Digital and Static 48 sheets were combined with bus rears to create a strong presence in central London. Priority Outdoor managed the production of an image portfolio and video show reel for stakeholders and potential investors.

Media Mix

Billboards 30%
Bus 70%