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Nottingham has a population of over 311,00 and a variety of independent shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, as well as markets, pop-ups and festivals. Nottingham is also a popular choice for students, attracting over 60,000 students each year to its two universities, and it’s for these reasons bus advertising in Nottingham is a great way to reach this highly mobile and young audience, with over 50% of the population being under 30.

Whether you want to reach shoppers at Broadmarsh shopping centre/Intu Victoria, tourists in and around the city centre or commuters as they make their way around Nottingham, advertising on Nottingham City Transport offers unrivalled coverage and exposure.

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61% of the UK population have seen a bus advert in the past week


90% of people live within 5 minutes of a bus route.


Nottingham has over 60K Students


The average Nottingham salary in the United Kingdom is £35,000 per year or £17.95 per hour.


Nottingham’s employment rate is 75.0%

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    Same size as Streetliners, but only available on double-decker buses. This additional height of the advert gives advertisers the visibility necessary in the busier areas in and around Nottingham.

    T Side

    T-sides and Mega T-sides are designed to dominate the town and city centres of the UK. Huge towering adverts with room to truly push your creative options.

    Bus Rears

    A staple component of many campaigns, bus rears are a tried and tested route to market. Giving broad coverage at attractive rates, bus rear advertising is often used alongside other formats to magnify a campaign. Mega rears are similarly located on the back of the bus, but are a much larger version giving greater impact.


    Streetliners are placed on single decker buses. They run down the side of the bus and crucially are at eye level for pedestrians. One of the most cost efficient formats in the transport environment.

    Bus Stops & Shelters

    Bus stops give UK wide access to millions of people. High dwell times with the choice of poster or digital versions. Visible to road users, pedestrians and key audiences.


    Headliners will give your campaign exposure and frequency with any London audience. The average dwell time for Bus Headliner ad’s is over 20 minutes, meaning you can use longer copy to give your audience more information and encourage a direct response.

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    With its large volumes of international visitors attracted by its rich history, cafes, bars and world renown theatres Nottingham is very often used as part of a tourism campaign. Town visiting authorities, tourism boards and attraction sites all utilise the power of Buses. Targeted to heavily populated / visited locations to give you the maximum exposure for your marketing budget.

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    Bus advertising in the retail and services sector has long been a main component for most campaigns in Nottingham.

    Bus formats can deliver a successful campaign due to the different format features and its ability to relay your message on a national or local scale.


    Bus advertising is an ideal out of home format to utilise in any marketing or recruitment campaign for educational establishments.

    With operators throughout the country, bus advertising gives you the ability to reach audiences in their immediate areas, as well as the ability to target neighbouring towns or cities.

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